ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Jassim Jaafar, Iqbal

Study on fact the use of the Internet and its importance in scientific research at the University of Basra / Bab al-Zubayr site with reference to universities in the Arab Gulf states

Iqbal Jassim Jaafar

Basra studies journal, Volume 10, Issue 1994, Pages 177-203

Scientific research is faced with misunderstanding of its role, neglect, financial shortage, and lack of research requirements especially in regards to the use of Internet .
This study aims to tackle this problem concentrate to four most important points: the reality of internet use by university teaching staff (equipments and possibilities), teaching staff's opinions regarding the use of internet in scientific research, and problems and difficulties of the use of internet in scientific research.
The study also tackles some previous related studies carried out in Arab Gulf universities in order to see the possibility of adopting similar experience. The study sums up some options through which a reliable strategy can be drawn to help improve scientific research in Iraq university