ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Dawood Najm Al-Saad, Huda

Determinants of fertility in the neighborhood of Al-Jamhorya and Al-Nasser from the city of Basra Applied Geography Study

Huda Dawood Najm Al-Saad

Basra studies journal, Volume 10, Issue 1994, Pages 40-67

Fertility is considered one of the most important demographic phenomena that affects the population to increase as the number of deaths affects it negatively ,Fertility levels vary temporally and spatially according to the difference in the economic and social conditions of the people. Therefore, this practical study is to find out the difference of the fertility determiners between two districts of living in Basra city, namely Al-Jumhuriya Al-Nasr districts.
The paper starts with an introduction. Then ,it moves to the presentation of the fertility level in both districts by displaying some of the fertility indicators which the standards of fertility show .Then , the research discusses the main determiners that the fieldwork study has inferred as regards both of the districts such as the impact of age at marriage, the level of education, woman work, the role of environmental deterioration, and the child deaths ,which make those two districts different as regards the range to which they are affected by those determiners, which is reflected , in its turn, on the difference of fertility in them.