ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Ahmed Hashim, Hossam

The tone of Abu al-Khasib

Hossam Ahmed Hashim

Basra studies journal, Volume 10, Issue 1994, Pages 24-39

The Features of The Dialect of Abu-Al Khaseeb

This research contains some of the features used by the natives of Abu Al Khaseeb district and the surrounding areas .
Some of these most important features are : first , the substitution ; that is to substitute one letter by another . This is a well – known feature their .
Also the feature of adding or deleting some letters from some of the words that they use . There is also the use of minimization we found that they use minimization in some of their names , food and tools .
The last feature mentioned in our research is the use of some odd utterances that distinguish them from the other areas .
The research has linked between this dialect and the local , gulf countries and other Arab countries dialects .
It has also explained that there is an extension between these words and some old Arab dialects .