ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Radhi Al-thamery, Dhiaa

Writing from the inside heterogeneous poetry in existence Gardens book writer Mohammed Khudair

Dhiaa Radhi Al-thamery

Basra studies journal, Volume 11, Issue 1994, Pages 3-56

This research attempts at investigating the story writers statement Muhammed Khudiar (Writing from the Inside) through reading his book (Gardes of Foces –Masks and Warratires) published from dar AL-Madaa in 2008.
The research aims at reading the titles of the book considering them as symbols signs that denote to cannotations, representing the writrs vision، his view of the world, his artistic expression to this vision. The research also tries reading the book in way that makes it concord with the form and open nature of the narratives. So, the study does not adopt any pure critical method in reading and analysis, but attempts to make use of a number of methodo Logical procedures because the researcher believes of the utility of this type of open- reading in disclosing and exposing the poticaless of this literary work. For the purpose of achieving and fiifulling reading as it wos proposed, the research will focus on reading the title, the narratives, the narratives and their titles altogether.