ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Mahdi Saleh, Rana

The effact of strategic planning in organizational change case study in the General Company for Southern Oil in Basra

Rana Mahdi Saleh

Basra studies journal, Volume 11, Issue 1994, Pages 81-122


This research aims at founded relationship connection between strategic planning dimensions (vision, mission, objectives) and organizational change (difference, extension, and technical)
The research has taken place in the general company of oil south. The sample used consist of (63) items of managers.
The research has depended upon a hypothesis which implies that there is relationship and abstract effect between strategic planning and organizational change this research used the questioners bill according to (Likert) fifth scale.
The research ceneludes that relationship connection between the general company of oil south mission consider on this one strategic planning dimensions and organizational change.