ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Isra M. Salman, Assist.Lecturer.

The Identification of Sentence Fragmence and Runon Sentences :The Case of Translation Students at the University of Basra

Assist.Lecturer. Isra M. Salman; Dr. Juliana Y.Dawood

Basra studies journal, Volume 11, Issue 1994, Pages 1-44

Good Writing entails the student's constant ability to write well-structured and complete sentences. However, EFL students tend to produce some problematic sentences in their written assignments. The sentence fragment and the run-on sentence are among the problematic structures that recur in their writing in English. This study aims at identifying the types or patterns of these two faulty constructions which English-Arabic-English translation students face difficulty with. A recognition type of task is assigned to (76) female and male students in their second -year and fourth -year of study at the Dept. of Translation, University of Basra. The task comprises two tests including varied patterns of these errors presented and discussed in the practical side of the study. The study shows that all the students encountered difficulties in identifying complete sentence structures but in various percentages. For Test One, the female subjects of the second-year and fourth-year outperformed their male counterparts of both years. For Test Two, the fourth-year males encountered more difficulty in comparison with the rest of the subjects.