ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Talib Shahab, Ali

The most important elements to support the competitiveness of the economy Basri

Ali Talib Shahab

Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 260-287

Competitiveness is one from important subject for all countries, especially with the global economic development which reflected in raise of activity of globalization which lead to connect all the world with wide net from information technology and communication , for these reasons it's hard for any country to be outside of this international system and enforced most countries to enter in this system, beside that the competitiveness is vital if the nation's firms are to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the international economy. And it helps in available suitable environment for allocation resources , and it encourage the innovation , raising standard of living for citizen's.
After 2003 Iraq adopted the open economy system, after decades of closing economy system and wars which lead to destroyed the infrastructure of this economy , Now Iraq should interest in his competitiveness capacity to achieve a high and rising standard of living.
Basrah is one of important governorate of Iraq economically , because of it's geographical position and it's human and economic resources , so the raising of competitiveness of Basrah will share in raising the competitiveness of all the Iraqi economy.
In this research we will try to answer these questions, what is competitiveness? , why competitiveness is important?, and how we can measure competitiveness?.