ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Hashim Badn, Nasir

See Akhrajah poem (Tnoama bed empty) the poet Kazim Alhajjaj

Nasir Hashim Badn

Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 158-179

The research falls mainly into four sections ,secition one includes the problem of the research ,its aim ,significance ,limits and a detailed definition of the term (vision).section two has two prinches, first was the direction vision and the text which help to awake the directer creative
,while the second was the term(direction) and the director vision teeling about some directors and them styles.
Thired section was the analysis of the music theatre show as the vision which director see .last section discusses the results and presents some recommendations the researcher concludes that the director-composer successfully in hisvision.