ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Alwan Kanani, Najat

Fear of pain in the hair Sayab

Najat Alwan Kanani

Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 87-120

The way Al-Sayab grew up has a great effect on his feeling of deep pain that lead him to think of death and loss. He has lost his entire life in his search for love. His failure in finding love has affected hid personality a great deal. He lived in deep agony that made it difficult to implement his dreams in life. During his short and tortured life, he was able to portrait the social and political life and to defend laymen. He was able to oppose unfair governments to restore the looted rights of people.
His pain of illness was great and cruel especially he was poor and couldn't
find anyone to afford the expenses of treatment with him.