ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Khalaf Mishari, Qasim

Following bigeye in the collection of Nahj

Qasim Khalaf Mishari

Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 29-54

In the Name of Allah, mast cracious, most merciful, and peacebe upon our prophet Mohammad and his family and th0sewho follow then ever.
Thes research sheds lighton one important and remarkable Paper of Aljahidh (255 HD)Work represented by (ahundred words) or(ahundred words of wisdom)Or ( ahundred proverbs) As named Brocklman. These words are said by Imam Ali(p.) and compiled by Aljahidh to from later on apart of Nahjul Balagha. Most of this compilation is used by AL shareeful Radhi. Especially in last part of Nahjul Balagha . entitled (Advice& wisdom) . or Short Sayings Hi also mentions some of them in ( Characteristics of Imam) .
After that many of these words are collected by a bdul wahid Al Amede ( 550 AH) in ( Ghurarul Hikam wa durarul kalim ). Al maidan ( 518 AH) also narrats many in ( mujamul Amthal).
In addition those words are narrated in many other sources such as:(Tuhaful Uqool )and Nuzhatul Nadher ) and ( Al durratul Bahira min Al Asdafil Tahira) . ( Uyoonul Hikam walMawaidh wa ThakhratulMutaidh wal waidh ) and (Taraif Ibn Tawoos)(dustoor maalemul hikam) ( majmaul Albahrein) ( nathrul Laali) and Biharul Anwar) . moreover many of these words are mentioned in most of the interpretations of Najul Balagha. And its indicated and emphazed in the of these interpretations.That Al Jahidh has compiled (ahundred words).and caused their inclusion in Najul Balagha.