ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Khairallah behind, Mary

The reality Iraqi Almaani and future prospects (Faw port model)

Mary Khairallah behind

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 238-267

Iraq has four major commercial port that represented by um Qasser port, khor al –zubair port, ma,akal port and abu floos port. Um Qasser port has the biggest role in containing the ships and represents the first commercial importance due to the features that has which come in prior is the sea navigation lines and the availability of the suitable docks for ships receive. Khor al –zubair port comes second in importance, than Abu Floos port in third ,and ma,akal port in fourth place because of it's small containing capacity. The research referred as well to grand Faw port which is one of the strategic grand projects in Iraq ,when all plans ,studies and researches of this project were prepared, grand Faw port considered as a part of the dry channel that connects Arab gulf through basrah ports with the madeterian sea, through Syria ,and connects the Arab gulf as well with north Europe through turkey ,and this port will has a big effect on the Iraqi economy.