ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Hussain short, Haider

Views and Ben continued verbal tender

Haider Hussain short

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 154-177


Before the emergence of intellectual isolationists brigade to hand out bin tender, there was a religious controversy began Bmcolat intellectual dialectic was the first foundations of thought Mu'tazili including:

1 - that man is absolutely free Mukhtar He creates his actions himself uttered the Temple of hell, which went to Abdul Malik ibn Marwan Abd al-Rahman bin with Shaggy, and he was killed pilgrims year 80 AH, after the failure of his movement. As well as spoken Gillan Damascus during the reign of Umar bin Abdul Aezzbz who was killed by Hisham bin Abdul Malik.

2 - Create the Quran and denied the qualities that uttered Jahm bin Safwan, and he was killed by Muslim ibn Mezni stronger that in 128 AH, who said denying qualities also Ja'd Bin Dirham, who was killed Khalid bin Abdullah forced to Kufa.
Then emerged Isolationists brigade of thought on the hand and continued to Ben Ata al-Ghazal (80 AH - 131 AH) who was a disciple of Hasan al-Basri, and then retired from the ring mentor Hassan after saying that the perpetrator of the great in between the middle range (ie, not a believer nor an infidel) and that he will abide in Hell if they do not repent before his death, has lived in the days of Abd al-Malik bin Marwan Hisham bin Abdul Malik and the band attributed to him called Ballowasalip.

Has emerged this band called the views of certain rules: Kcolhm denying qualities, to say the extent, and status among the middle range, and the position of the combatants on the strings and two rows. Then adopted the isolationists on the mind in understanding the beliefs and keep them away to the issues of partial was divided into communities with their agreement on key principles of the five - of any assets of the five characteristic band isolationists - all with a range of these communities came Bbda new apart from the other sect and named herself a s the ownerwho took him .