ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Nasir Abdul Hassan, Shukri

Battle of the Camel study to determine the site

Shukri Nasir Abdul Hassan

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 91-120


Al-Jamal battle considered a turning point in the Islamic history, because it was a true battle which was taking place between two Islamic factions. Although Basrah city was the Islamic legions that advanced towards the East, there was no a perfect study that specified the place of the battle exactly. Historians had been different views on this event. This fact, made the researcher of this topic follows and studies the historical scripts which indicated to place of the battle.
This research tries to find answer several questions,including:the circumstances and causes of the choosing of the battle's place, impacts of the popular attitude on this choosing, and whether Al-Jamal battle was taking place in one locations or more.
This research answered and focused on these questions, and relied on the historical narrations that indicated to it, keeping in mind, its chronicles. In conclusion, the study showed Al-Jamal's battle was taking place in the northern region of Basrah,namely Al- Zawaya region which was about at a distance of two leagues from the central city(Al-Khutwa Mosque) of Basrah.After his victory in Al-Jamal battle, Imam Ali did not go far from Al-Masjed(Mosque) and left for Al-Kufa,capital of tt the new Islamic state.