ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Shaker al-Asadi, Nasser

Effectiveness of signs in the tales of Panchatantra (the study of semiotics)

Nasser Shaker al-Asadi; Khaled gesture Baqer

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 1-28


The of this study is discover the confined codes which form the main core in the construction of heritage text. Concentrating-first of all- on the kind of signs which are considered as the main keys to kalilah wa- dimnah text. This kind of titles of ibn Al- Muqaffa,s book stimulates a sort of activity of semiotic sign . Hence, the research concentrates on the title of kalilah wa-dimnah, because it incites the reader to indulge deeply in its construction, hopping to discover it,s meaning. The research tries to give a great significance to the title through the two heroes. The researcher notices that the book is a sort of condensed discourse through the dialogue of kalilah and dimnah who did not indicate absolute masculanity.The research states that ibn Al- Muqaffa,skill in attaching these two female mames to round male characters . Then , the researcher examined the action of these heroes, and the impact of the activity of the activity of signs .