ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Nouri Ali, Asst.Lect.Nadia

The Emergence of the city of Basrah and its Urban Development in the first A.H. century

Asst.Lect.Nadia Nouri Ali

Basra studies journal, Volume 14, Issue 1994, Pages 193-217

Rich in heritage books mention the Arab geographer and urban cities which Oamrha Arabs and settled in and expand the history books to explain many of the details of their plans and lives of the people in it. This is in addition to works of language, literature and philosophy in clarifying the meanings of names, implications. It was considered that this creativity and originality in the construction and Amran city of Basra and its components are made to the hands and thoughts of the people of the good and the wisdom of the caliphs and governors who lived in the countryside and lived the life of migration and the movement from time to time, and was built stems from the thought of a systematic yoke to draw away the lives of experienced people and enjoy Bavdalha and merit . This is revealed by the study on the realities of urban core in the scheme of the city and charge characteristics of all the contents of the city from the locality, houses, housing and alleys, shops and streets and markets and a mosque and a home for the Emirate, as well as in the selection of building materials to suit the climatic conditions prevailing at the time was not the reconstruction and construction haphazardly but was as plans caliph and ordered for the construction and reconstruction of the city and choose the site and the appropriate placement for the construction and reconstruction of the city in line and commensurate with the lives of people especially for the site of the Arabian Peninsula at that time and the content of the climatic conditions hot it was necessary to choose the appropriate location and then building and reconstruction