ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Kadhim Nasr Allah, Asst.Prof.DrJawad

Abdullah bin Dawood Al-Kheribi Al- Basri (126- 213A.H)

Asst.Prof.DrJawad Kadhim Nasr Allah

Basra studies journal, Volume 14, Issue 1994, Pages 117-167

Al_Basra City have considered pioneer in emergence of schools of thought emerged to them . Abdulla Bin Dawed Al _ Khuribi including as to Khuraibeh attributed to one of district that day Basra .
He born in the city of Kufa year 126 A.H , he received his the primary education which left a student of science, then he moved to Mecca, Medina, Damascas,Askelan, Abadan and Basra which finally settled until his death in 213 AH .
He has studied by a number of scholars of his time in the various science of Hadith , Fiqh and Al_Jareh wall taadeel .