ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Ayoub Al-Hamdami, Asst.Lect.Maysoon

Al-Baqillani and His Efforts in Rhetorics

Asst.Lect.Maysoon Ayoub Al-Hamdami

Basra studies journal, Volume 14, Issue 1994, Pages 70-95

Addressed in this research visual most of her life to defend the Koran Karim has taken Albaqlani in his defense of the kuran a variety of rhetorical styles. The research was divided tow sections, in the first section dealt with the emergence of the most important and Albaqlani Elders and contem poraries how studied under hands and the most important disciples who took the science of it, the most important works by the Albaqlani authoured .The second section was divided to four axis,addressed the first axis in his rhetoric in his book,trunks of the koranand took up his positionyn the second axis of theen hancements figurative speech, and in third axis dealt with the concept of systems when albaqlani ,and in the fourth axis dealt with term relationship sense when Albaqlani . the book shares a key role in defining the idea of miracle , and the development of the cocept and methods discussed are affected in each of the scientists who came after him from therhetoric and kuranstudies. The book shares a key role in the gensis of rhetoricalresearch and enrichment. The faces rhetorical when Albaqlaniis not already in the bottoms ,but with in the premise in that they support in building a high – style and system.