ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Sonia Arzerouni Wartan, Asst.Lect.

The role of rail transport in the development of the province of Basra for the period (2004-2010)

Asst.Lect. Sonia Arzerouni Wartan

Basra studies journal, Volume 14, Issue 1994, Pages 264-290

The rail transport in the province of Basra essentially irreplaceable because of its significant role in economic development through revenue derived from the movement of goods and raw materials according to the six stations productivity especially for transport and the persons or passengers in three stations, service, not to mention the social role of in the smooth transition and communication and in creating a political unity, so the aim of the research is to examine the conceptual framework for rail transport and its role in the development of the province of Basra in economic, social and political, for the period (2004-2010).