ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Waheed Issa, Saad

Semantic origins for lexical material’s schemas in Al-Farahidi’s kitab Al-Ayn’’:comparative study with mqaees Al-luga”

Saad Waheed Issa

Basra studies journal, Volume 14, Issue 1994, Pages 21-34

Means research study pictures article linguistic per the significance multi aim of finding out semantic one Inslk where everyone This requires jurisprudence Titles lexical knowledge derived from other and figuratively of the real extent of the link between Tagged for this, the reasoning semantic and explain why the adoption of the meanings of the denominations here is to Amehad him in achieve this goal, as through all of this can be seen how closely different semantic images in the general sense, which governs the language as a whole.