ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Dr. Anfal Nassir Talib, Lect.

Sibawayh's object sentence on the basis of the two levels: the stable and the moveable

Lect. Dr. Anfal Nassir Talib

Basra studies journal, Volume 15, Issue 1994, Pages 88-150

The current paper deals with the sentence pattern that contains object in Sibawayh's Book. It focuses on the functional role of object presenting scholar's different views concerning its role in the sentence. Some of them consider object as a complement. Others emphasize its importance in speech and its semantic role in the sentence in expressing the pragmatic intentions completing intended meaning.

The present paper presents the functional roles of object in Sibawayh's by comparing the notions of complete speech and complement as far as subject, predicate, structure and position of object among complements are concerned. Moreover, it analyses the sentence pattern that contains object in the light of the moving and stable levels. It also presents the grammatical and semantic meaning as far as social correctness and impossibility are concerned. As far as the moving level I is concerned, the horizontal movement, viz. moving forward and backward, the vertical movement, viz. joining and positional movement, viz. ellipsis are dealt with.

Sibawayh's comprehensive approach appears when dealing with object and all the other subjects in his book. Thus, his book can be described as being descriptive, prescriptive, contextual, social, transformational and pragmatic. He uses each one of these factors in its appropriate position without focusing on one factor at the expense of the others.