ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Bayan Ali Abdul Raheem, Asst.Lect

Ghazl in Poetry of Abi Uyaynah Almhellabi

Asst.Lect Bayan Ali Abdul Raheem

Basra studies journal, Volume 16, Issue 1994, Pages 37-67

poetry of one of the poets of basrah who lived in the second century ah she has explored bis love potry and found out that it constitutes almost half of his poetry the results the paper has arrived at show that his love poetry is of two types spiritual and erotic love poetry his spiritual love poetry is represesented in his poems about Fatima who is called dunya his erotic poetry is represented in his poems about slave giris and singers the current paper also deals with the artistic aspects of his poetry i e style image and rbythm his language is easg lt is not vague he also succeeds at showing his images lt appears that he uses most of the khalilyan meters he is skilful at using suitable rhyms