ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Prof. Rabiha Kadhim Harib, Asst

Uuse Of College Of Arts library Of B.SC. Final Students In Basrah University

Asst Prof. Rabiha Kadhim Harib

Basra studies journal, Volume 17, Issue 1994, Pages 302-326

The study cared of the tools that were used by final students of Arts faculty University of Basrah to reach to information sources of the library and to know the most important difficulties and obstacles th students faced when used the library , to put the solutions that raised and develop the reality of the library . survey method was used in this study . Questionnaire about a study community that was amounted 165 female students as well as the interview that was done with the librarian The study reach to several important recomweudations . were as follows :
1- Its necessary for University to coordinate with the department of information and libraries (college of Arts) to teach the subject of Using of the library inorder to train the students of first year
2- Its necessary to provide the library with card indices that include indices of addresses and topiheads, in order to enable the student to reach correctly the information sources.