ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Prof.Dr. Aqeel Abid AL-Hussein Khalaf, Asst

Talk of Issa Bin Husham and the Arabic Modem Novel

Asst Prof.Dr. Aqeel Abid AL-Hussein Khalaf

Basra studies journal, Volume 17, Issue 1994, Pages 231-262

Research shows the most important features of the narrative of the novel in the Arab stage lead through a number of tests such as written early experience Ahmed Fares Chidiac and Khalil Khoury and Francis Marash and Farah Anton and Georgi Zidane Among those features of individualization and perspective and communicative and reset the memory. It also presents an addition to an Hadeth of Isa bin Hisham to those experiences to be a milestone in the context of the modern Arab narrative by discussing critical function and reconsider the perspective of representation.