ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Prof. Dr. Abdel-Hakeem Al-Ka, Asst.

The Social Transformations in Basrah in the 1st Century (A.H.)/the 7th Century (A.D.)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdel-Hakeem Al-Ka

Basra studies journal, Volume 17, Issue 1994, Pages 176-201

The history of Basrah was – from its first establishment and during a long period of the first century (A.H.) – full of complications, violence, difficulties caused by crises and political and tribal wars, and the traditional conflict between the Bedouin members represented by the tribe and other invisible members and forces which helped in bringing the agreement and accord into the city. In the course of time, the victory was toward the civilized and settled way of life.
This research aims to reveal the stages of these social transformations and follow the transforming circumstances from the Bedouins to the civilization in one of the important Islamic cities, in fact, it is the first Arabic city which lives the experience of civilization and settledness outside the Arab Peninsula, in an important period of the human history and that is the 1st century (A.H.) which witnessed the appearance of Islam and the expanding of the Islamic state from China border to the middle of Europe