ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Rehab Abid AL- Majeed Hameed, Asst.Lect.

He History of Maps in Basrah Governorate

Asst.Lect. Rehab Abid AL- Majeed Hameed

Basra studies journal, Volume 17, Issue 1994, Pages 91-118

This research dealt with the historical development in the preparation and mapping in the province of Basra. Where he was tracking the emergence of maps prepared for the province of Basra through history to the present time. The research is divided into pivotal two main axis I take the maps and their development through history and included three maps of the city of Basra represents its inception ,and another map with a market in the third and fourth century AH. The second addressed the maps and their development in the twentieth century, atheist and twenty- causes and the factors that led to the development of maps and included a set of maps drawn up for the province during that period in both, natural and human. Was to the Arabs the old tactics in the mapping in order to employ them in the areas of practical promise, especially in urban planning and determine the best locations to set up, and this is what actually happened in the selection of sites each of kufa and Mosul, Wasit and Baghdad, Samarra, and the(Basra) was a city location as required by the military situation that day and the twentieth century has witnessed a huge revolution in the manufacture of the maps. Has created two World Alalmytan – Btahedadathma real and potential over various points of the earth- the motives and urgent challenges of the new maps.The research has included maps of the province since the year 17 AH to 2009.