ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Dr. Abdul Latif H. Ali Al-Kaabi, Lecturer

“The studyof theof factors of age and sex in the incidence of Tuberculosis in the province of Basra”

Lecturer Dr. Abdul Latif H. Ali Al-Kaabi

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 157-189

Inspired theatrical experiences throughout history, many of the customs, traditions and religious rituals that sought Mulqo and theater directors to employ them in a theatrical presentation by focusing on the spirit of the celebration.
The case of Iraq is a case of other people rich in religious manifestations, intellectual and cultural, including the day of Ashura rituals of funeral readings and presentations Alchabiah approaching largely of theatrical performances.
The condolences Husseiniya ritual rooted in social reality and her special techniques at the level of acting and directing, as well as sound effects Other costumes that turn the receiver to the Umayyad period and with the continuation of this incident is making other does not give importance to the element of historical accuracy in a fashion so that the just for the dress to the air of a religious nor political nor Stratus him.
But the researcher believes it is necessary to confirm the shape and fashion the system offers Alchabiah Husseiniya through his paper entitled employing theatrical costumes in Basra Alchabiah Husseiniya a model.
Department researcher purely into four chapters - the first chapter - the systematic framework and set the goals of his research, including the following -
1 - To identify the mechanism Couture Arab and historical accuracy in Alchabiah Offers Husseiniya.
2 - to identify the names and types of outfits Arab men, women and weapons Arab hired in Alchabiah Husseiniya.
While ensuring the second quarter - the theoretical framework -
Umayyad era dresses and head and body and women's football and men's and arms Arab concluded Chapter indices reached Albhe researcher
The third chapter - Find measures - chose researcher Display Alchabiah Husseiniya in Basra deliberate for suitability to the goals of the research.
Finally, the fourth quarter results, which included a list of sources and supplements.