ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Sabah A. Suwayid, Dr.

attitudes confidentiality of mahmmood al brekan towards the heritage

Dr. Sabah A. Suwayid

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 112-134

The poet Mahmoud Al-Breakan has a unique individuality in Modern Iraqi Poetry , despite his remoteness from light spot and his flinch in publishing his poetic products , except in limited and divergent times. However , he became a distinct phenomenon , added to the Arabic poetry many artistical touches such as the way he treated the heritage . He did not just treat it with observation as the many other poets did , or overthrow a heritage state over a modern reality . One can observe these states in his poetry such as his treatment of myth and legendry heritage characters , his new understanding of heritage as well ,particularly , the way he uses animals and objects in poems which relied on the mask technique ;while his colleagues depend on the heritage characters and overthrow the modern state over them . This is a new treatment and there is no other Arabian poet who anteceded him , especially when he made these animals' destinies equal to the human's nowadays .
In addition to his important treatment of heritage in his poem ( The Story of the Sculpture from Ashour ) which , alone , constituted an unprecedented unique in the Arabian modern poetry from the point of the artistical functioning of heritage . One can say that this poem controverts the following sequence of heritage treatment by all the other Arabian poets , in respects to the implied narration in the Lyrics and in its formation . In averment to an important mark of Al-Breakan's poem formation in general , not in this poem only , and that is Al-Breakan is the poet of the endings in the Arabic Poetry . That is to say , he puts the result in front of his eyes and drives the poem to its destiny which he begins first , opposite to the most of Arabian modern poets . That makes him the poet of endings or of finals .
In whole , it seems that the poet's artistical touches to his interest in philosophy , and no one denied that he is the poet of ideas in the Arabian modern poetry , he is supported with a huge linguistic fortune and unlimited education .