ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Haitham Kadhim salih, Lect.

Indication difference of Quran utterance in origin of creation and Prostration order by Speet Alneely

Lect. Haitham Kadhim salih

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 135-156

We have characterized the poem (How to learn to struggle in five days .....) the multiplicity of styles weighted, which is what I tried to detect and study stand it. It has proved consists of three weights, weight shun as well as two formats and Znatin not Aahdahma offers old Arab, namely Sigta (Mstfln Fol). And (Mstfln the Now therefore).Was opposed by researcher views the most important critics and researchers prove that the formulas do not belong to any weight of weights offers both in the final version in the House poetic or in circles offs and zap through understanding in Tab consideration and analysis of texts, and the study had contained the rotation and divided into two types. Rotational symmetric (monaural). And rotation multi tomography and two Tzmatan himself researcher. The diversification was also one of the elements of this poem has included two types of diversification, diversification tomography and diversification Alsatri.
Through the doors preview search is patient weight the importance of studying in the poem. Multiplicity of styles weighted where you can join it Office of my hair and not a single poem.