ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Sami Abdulaziz Alqatrani, Lect.Firas

The housing deficit in the city of Al-Zubair and the future need

Lect.Firas Sami Abdulaziz Alqatrani

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 82-111

The significance of the research stems from the importance of the housing unit along with the social, cultural and economic dimensions it reflects, which affect directly and indirectly human activities and people’s daily life. Housing is socially related to the habits of the population, their traditions, values, behavior patterns and natural conditions of their region, and is also considered one of the basic needs of man. Man is not only a biologically creature that eats, drinks, spawns, and in search for a shelter to live in, but he is a psychological being that meditates, gets excited, dreams, bothered by noise, and enjoys order and harmony. He is bothered by chaos when living in a turbulent environment void of order, harmony and of agreement, and is filled with depression when his residence becomes a mere shelter even with the availability of the human basic needs of food and drink, clothing and shelter, health and educational services, these represent only necessity and subsistence, yet there are other levels of needs that humans require in order to enjoy more humanly convenient conditions.
The general population increase in the city over the past three decades has led to a deficit in the number of housing units, creating a situation that is not appropriate with the aspirations of the contemporary urban resident.