ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Dr.Salam H. Resan, Lecturer

Reading of Stories Narrated by Muhammed S. Ahmed (Now or after years) as a Mode

Lecturer Dr.Salam H. Resan

Basra studies journal, Volume 19, Issue 1994, Pages 202-230

Mohammed Saheel Ahmed , is an Iraqi writer who represented the third generation of the short story in Iraq and he has a great contributions in the Iraqi short story’s path. This study attempts to treat one series of the talent of this writer, however ; his second short story’s group ( Now Or After Years ) which had published in 2005 and had been chosen for this study because it represents the development of the style of this writer, after his first short stories' Collection (Eye and The window)which had published in 1985 It Was a long period The Writer has riched hes Writing experience : ( Form and Content ) and developed his ability in narrating The richness of the artistry experience mixed with life experience all that reflected –
positively – on his narrative art .