ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Sonia A. Wartan, Lect.

The status of General Company for the fertilizer industry "South Region" In the province of Basrah and Its future

Lect. Sonia A. Wartan

Basra studies journal, Volume 19, Issue 1994, Pages 35-80

The chemical fertilizer industry is considered one of the leading industries because of its role in all life aspect , whether economic , social, or environmental , but its reality in Basrah refers to a declining in productivity , rising in costs , and a declining in revenue at minus has reached (- 10 .9%) for the years ( 2011-2012) and achieved a financial loss of ( 1, 518, 523 ID) in (2012) . The reason behind this status is due to economic and technical obstructions , therefore , the objective of this research is to identify the status of the General Company for the fertilizer Industry in Basrah and looking for the obstructions to prevent by putting an appropriate strategy for its rising.