ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Lecturer, Asst.

Religious Scholars in Basra: Muhammad Ameen Zainuddin , as a Model

Asst. Lecturer; Hussein Ali Mehdi

Basra studies journal, Volume 19, Issue 1994, Pages 231-262

In the Name of ALLah the Companionate the Merciful.
Thanks for ALLah and praying upon his prophet Mohammed and his good relatives.
AL-Basrah was and still a source of inspiration in many wai It was characterized by its education and knowledge touch . Many scientists, Artists and philosophers were born in this place . They were creative in their Fields and they enriched the libraries by their writin95of which were very impotant for writers and researchers.

One of the great writers was Al - sheikh Muhammed Ameen Zain AL-Deen. He was very significant scientist in religion and morals and thought activity. In addition to the previous qtlalities, He was well known Artist.
His writing reached AL-Bahrain and east area of AL-Suadia. I choosed this research of this writer to emphasize on his religious, educational thousht.
This paper includes:

1 . Summary of date and life of Al - sheikh.
2 . Some of his teachers and students.
3 .his issues.
4. what was said about him by the scientists.
5. his book “;alimate for Al - Takwa”.
6. General direchons for his educational and thought tendency.
Finally, I hope that I can manage to do something about the scientists and writers of Basrah.