ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : G. Salman AL-Ali, Searcher.Mohammad

Development of Educational Services at Abu Al-Khaseeb Tow

kaili; Asst. Prof. Dr. Adnan Inad G. Al-U; Searcher.Mohammad G. Salman AL-Ali

Basra studies journal, Volume 19, Issue 1994, Pages 1-34

Educational services is one of the basic services and an important pillar of social development and the focus of the wishes of the citizens and their importance has consistently private specialists and geographers to study everything related to this type of service.
The research focused on the development of these services in city of Abu Alkhaseeb with a retrogressive look to the emergence of the city and renamed as researcher interested in the genesis of the city and renamed through historical stages and focused attention on the origins and evolution of educational services Until the year 2012 .
As she was beginning the first of educational services is limited to religious education, or what is known as the (Koranic schools) until the appearance in his capacity as non-formal education at the opening of Mahmudiya School in 1895 and down to the beginnings of formal education in 1913, while government official opening of the school mentioned in the same year .
Then taking education development until the year 1968 in a horizontal and by opening several schools in the city . This development continued to horizontal in 1997.After this year and up to the year 2012 saw education in the city of Abu Alkhaseeb significant growth and a remarkable development as this expansion was expanded vertically, affecting the efficiency of educational services in the city where this development was a negative development because of the pressure on the school buildings.