ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Lect. Wijdan Sadq Saddam, Assis.

The Peauty Of Nature In Poetry Of Abi Nawas

Assis. Lect. Wijdan Sadq Saddam

Basra studies journal, Volume 20, Issue 1994, Pages 176-194

The research summary trading with study and analysis of the vision poet Abinawas for the beauty of nature from which identify the models of his poetry which he showed as what most of the poetry were thinking about Abu Aawaslived most of his life an a poet . He left during a time of 40 years . In there poems he dealf with many subjects and styles . He made creative descriptions and colours in details .
He made relations with princes , kalifs and leaders . He moved to many place . There places added colours and beauty to his werks . Due to the above efforts he was very outitanding poets . I tried in this research to shed light on the vition of the poet for the boetry of nature through focusing on samples of desarptions . His poetry indicates his unique ability