ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Huda Sahnawi, Dr.

Scholars of Basra (Sheikh Abdul Hadi AL-Fadhli AS Sample) Study in his effects

Dr. Huda Sahnawi

Basra studies journal, Volume 20, Issue 1994, Pages 96-143

The researcher has spared no effort to show the genius of this unequaled poet throughout her research paper, enhancing her ideas by logical and practical inferences from selected samples of his poetry, especially the immigration or the exile poetry, as he himself calls it.
She sees that the poet looks at the position of immigration -exile- through two angles and one distance. The two angles are the inside and the outside which are considered an inseparable integration, and the distance is the absolute which is materialized in the universe, at one time, and in man or homeland at another time.
Therefore, she has chosen many immigration or exile samples of the poet al-Sheikh Askar, as she followed in her study and analysis the following steps or methods:
1-The comparative method: Here, she has shown the points of similarities and differences, brevity and repetition of the pictures, metaphors, and the differentiation between the inherited and the contemporary.
2-The Inductive method which appears in the tables and charts which are included in the folds of the research paper.
3- The Historical method which has become clear as she has made the final collected poems, the centre of her study. Not only has she sufficed by this study, but also she has returned to his previous collections, to enhance her point of view, and conclusions.
Perhaps, In doing so, she has discovered much of the features of the poetry of this contemporary immigration poet, and his poetic method.