ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Hazem A.Al-Sayab, Lect.

Salinity Intrusion in Shatt Al-Arab River, Southern Iraq

Lect. Hazem A.Al-Sayab

Basra studies journal, Volume 20, Issue 1994, Pages 1-14

The factors influencing the salinity intrusion in Shatt al-Arab river estuary are as follows: the river mouth shape, the discharge, the sea level variation, the wind and its direction, etc. The observed data (2009 to 2012) show that when the upstream runoff decreases, the salinity observed in the rivers increases, and vice versa. The salinity intrusion results from natural and human factors. The intensity of salinity intrusion is mainly controlled by the tide activity and upstream runoff. Prevention of the salinity intrusion and solution of the problem of water resources in the Shatt al-Arab River must be based on the discharge and reasonable arrangement of water resources in the whole river. In order to reduce salinity intrusion effectively and protect the water supply in the Shatt Al-Arab River, some effective measures must be taken to control the increase of water consumption and water pollution. To solve the problem of water supply in Shatt Al-Arab river, the hydraulic engineering construction in the river shall be strengthened, which can adjust the upstream runoff in different seasons. The mechanism of salinity intrusion in the Shatt al-Arab River shall be studied further and the early warning system of salinity intrusion shall be established, to provide the scientific support for preventing salinity intrusion and ensuring a reliable water supply.