ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Yunis, Asst.Lect.FiasAbd-Wahid

The Role of Digital Commwication in Converting the Style Among Basra's Painter. (Study the Impact of Facebook)

Lect.Dr.Farid Khalid Alwan; Asst.Lect.FiasAbd-Wahid Yunis

Basra studies journal, Volume 21, Issue 1994, Pages 129-174

Find addressing the problem of the concept of digital communication, this contemporary garment that has clouded our daily activities, including fine art, and the role of the Creator newcomer in the completion of the stylistic shift when painters province of Basra, who own Social connectedness in Facebook pages entity. The research in four chapters: Chapter One singled out the general framework for research and identified the problem and the need to search. With an indication of the importance of his presence. And then determine the research goals of (revealed stylistic shift to the painters of Basra, under the influence of intermediary digital communication through Facebook tool) and then provide the theoretical framework and indicators that resulted. The researcher identified three Anwanat implied within this framework included the reading placed on the search according to different tariff frameworks. It was as follows: the concept of communicative action / Facebook role in the effectiveness of communication / mobility of contemporary composition in Basra. The third chapter devoted to research procedures, revealed through thoughtful community and the sample selected from eight works) for four of the artists of Basra, before the use of Facebook and during use. And then determine the search tool and determine its methodology, followed by sample analysis. Down for the fourth quarter, which included the results of the research and its findings.