ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Lect. Ali Muhear Kareem, Assis.

Inclusive quality in the Collges of Bab AL-Zubair Libraries

prof. Ali A. Khudaer; Assis. Lect. Ali Muhear Kareem

Basra studies journal, Volume 21, Issue 1994, Pages 175-216

The present study aims at clarifying quality management and its importance in managing the libraries of Basrah University . Moreover, it aims to evaluate the present state of quality management in the libraries of Basrah University.
A general survey of the studies or libraries is presented depending on the collection or relevant library statistics for the sample. The survey included the No. of employees, No. of books and periodicals and all other necessary staff. It also included the nature of library halls and shelves.
The study depends on personal observation and interviews as a supplementary means of collecting the data . The sample consists of ( 5) library,