ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Abul-AmeerAboud, Lect.Dr.Adel

The patial differentiation for health development indicators and its prospects in Basra province (Astudy in development geography)

Lect.Dr.Adel Abul-AmeerAboud

Basra studies journal, Volume 21, Issue 1994, Pages 85-128

Basra with all economic, social , cultural , and scientific properties suffered from in tense deficiency in the health services in the terms of human development indicators,leading to negative consequences regarded to its functional performance of checking and healing offered into patients . This decreases the the level of satisfincy and welfare for peoples. According to recommended guidelines, it have to make a national and regional health policy in order to achieving of equilibrium in redistribution the health centers and employment onto all districts with accordance to some factors such as population distribution and accessibility .