ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Lect.Sakna.g.Faraj,

The Reallity of the Manu Facturing Industry in the Provice of Basra and Economic indicators For the Periocld (2000-2010)


Basra studies journal, Volume 21, Issue 1994, Pages 1-38

And plays the industrial sector plays an important role in the economies of all countries in the world where this sector is one of the important sectors that contribute to an effective contribution to the GDP, hence the support of the industrial sector and the upgrading of industries located should be the main objectives of any policy of comprehensive development, particularly and that this sector has a significant relative weight between economic sectors. That the discussion of the elements of the manufacturing industry in the province of Basra give clear images of what this province has a factor in attracting significant industrial geographical location, and raw materials, water, fuel and energy, and labor market, and the earth, and government policy, In addition to the economics of industrial interdependence. And occupies the manufacturing sector in Basra great importance as it depends possibility of modernizing the economy a great deal of development of this sector for several reasons, including that manufacturing is the essence of development and where an industry base material - technical of the Iraqi economy in general and Basra in particular, being the supply of other economic sectors pre-requisites of production core and in the production of the bulk of consumer goods Fezla about it, the industrial sector is the leading sector in the development process and the movement of scientific and technical progress having the ability to move the economy out of the front and rear engagements the overall Qtaathen. The research found a conclusion is important is that the role of manufacturing in Iraq in general and Basra in particular, was not the level of ambition in accordance with the standards of the evolution of the value of production, the value of production requirements, and its contribution to the generation of GDP, and its contribution to employment, and the evolution of the number of enterprises manufacturing.