ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Lect.Mu,

Rhythmic structure in a poem of Christ after the crucifixion of the poet Badr Shaker Sayyab

taz Qusi Yaseen; Lect.Mu

Basra studies journal, Volume 22, Issue 1994, Pages 189-212

The rhythm is one of the important elements that underlie poetry because its subjects are directly connected to the mental state of poets. Also it is one of the most important elements in the production of significant poetic text. The study based on this premise has been selected from the poem (Christ after the crucifixion) for the poet Badr Shaker Sayyab as a sample through which knowledge-dimensional rhythmic poetic experience incurred by the poem can be seen.
The study is a reading to determine the level of symmetry and harmony achieved between the semantic content and construction rhythmic poem that provide the dimensions of subjective vision of a unified dimensions to the issue of emission after death, and are accompanied by the emotions of remorse and fear, those are poetic image, which seized the poem from beginning to end, has been able to rhythmic structure that embodies those suffering and poetic representation of the dimensions of the semantic content of the text.