ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Dr. Kazem Luxury Hajim, Prof.

Interpretation in the Writings of Gramerians, Rhetoricals, Old Exponents and Modernlists

Prof. Dr. Kazem Luxury Hajim

Basra studies journal, Volume 22, Issue 1994, Pages 213-278

Interpretation is and old new theme, but it remains new and needs a lot of hard work and studies. This is because of the ideas that it is renewed in every moment and while as it is self-evident; it shall be deemed interpretation double-edged sword, it is from the face of one of the most dangerous methods leading to disagreement among Muslims, and Muslims took place in and caught him, but because of the remote interpretation is based mental standards express or correct legal standards, has had impact and clear through the course of the ages, and the face of gravity and lies in it beyond the text boundaries and surpass the gloss is the focus of a difference in terms of acceptance or rejection, and if spoiled intents and purposes become the interpretation of a way to get away from texts or disabled, or disarmament sanctity like the Qur'aan Quran from the hearts of people, or misrepresentation to be out to con them, and another face is the interpretation of the greatest aids to maintain law and transmit the spirit by expanding the agreed meaning of the text, to accommodate all well-maintained and updated to the hour, and without affecting the law stagnation and insularity; because the texts infinitely limited, and the facts is finite, and Muslims believe that Islam is in favor of every time and place, and of the fact, but the rule of God.
The word interpretation of the meaning of language has evolved that has become a term to prove its importance in intellectual environment lacked him, even taken on to her pussy and walked in the direction of active and passive to the point of difference in the concept of interpretation of science to another, and can not prevent one of the to comb his thought, and touring researchers and Maola as The thought is the mental processes performed by the mind of man which enables the modeling of the world in which he lives; he can count that it more effectively live.