ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Dr. Nasr Abd Al-ssjad Al-Moussawi, Pro.

Geographical Distribution of the Concentrations of Oil Contaminants in Soils of Qurna and Medina District

Pro. Dr. Nasr Abd Al-ssjad Al-Moussawi; Asst. Lect. Suha Waleed Mustafa

Basra studies journal, Volume 22, Issue 1994, Pages 45-74

The research aims to study the diverse temporal and spatial concentration of some oil pollutants in Al Qurna and Medina districts' soils.This research studies the most important pollutants of petroleum hydrocarbons and some heavy metals (such as cadmium Cd, Ni Ni, lead Pb, copper Cu and cobalt Co) in soils of study area. The study founds certain results including that the concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons during winter was higher than those in summer, it was (13.47 mg / kg) and (11.87 mg / kg), respectively, the values of the two seasons was exceeded the allowed environmental border rates for the values of petroleum hydrocarbons in the soil, and the general rate of the concentrations of cadmium (Cd) varied in the soils temporally and spatially in studied sites. During winter the recorded average was (2.5 mg / kg) and thus did not exceed determinants environment that allowed for the concentration of this element in soils, but it exceeded its normal content in soils, while the overall rate for the concentrations of cadmium that recorded during summer rised to (3.1 mg / kg). This value exceeded the permissible limits and natural content of the element cadmium in soils, and the results of laboratory analysis of the concentrations of elemental nickel (Ni) and lead (Pb) showed that the overall rate for winter has reached (87.7 mg / kg ) and (144.9 mg / kg) in a row and reached the overall rate for summer season (105.1 mg / kg) and (155.3 mg / kg) respectively this values had exceeded the permissible limits and natural content of the element in soils.