ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Suha Zeki Noori, Lect.

The Legal Regulation for Control the Parliament onIndependent Bodies in Iraq

Lect. Suha Zeki Noori

Basra studies journal, Volume 23, Issue 1994, Pages 83-131

The independent bodies from state organs stipulated in the constitution Iraq permanent in 2005 , Which determines the basis of their work . The role & diversity of independent bodies , the multiplicity of areas competence , the resulting from political forms & economic & social is manifested through the exercise of its supervisory work on the state public utilities , so that commitment must be determined imposed on them by codifying them by law enacted by the Parliament defines the rules of work & their terms of reference to prevent exploitation & their tyranny by controlling the Parliament on independent bodies to ensure the application of the principle of legality & protect the rights , liberties of individuals . The purpose of the censorship granted to the Parliament doesn’t mean that to stand one against the other , but the purpose of such censorship is achieve cooperation & balance between the independent bodies & the Parliament for application of the constitutional rules .According , the constitutional rules usually establish in parliamentary systems certain rights exercised by the Parliament through the use of effective means of control.