ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Prof. Dr. Raed Saiwan Atwan, Asst.

The Extent of the Application the National law of oil state on the Contracts of the oil Investment

Asst. Prof. Dr. Raed Saiwan Atwan; Researcher. Maiada S Hassan

Basra studies journal, Volume 23, Issue 1994, Pages 1-38

There is no doubt that the petroleum contracts represent the most important types of contracts concluded by the State with the foreign private persons, which is called the state contracts. The importance of these contracts appears in many ways, as it’s the cornerstone on which to build the annual budget in the majority of the petroleum producing countries in the Middle East. And also the subject of these contracts, which the petrol and its derivatives, it was still the main cause of the development in various aspects of life.