ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Salim Jasim Salman, Lect.

Studying of the erosion operations which effects on forming bends in Shatt al-Arab's channels

Dr. Pro. Raheem Hameed Thamer Al-Abdan; Lect. Salim Jasim Salman

Basra studies journal, Volume 24, Issue 1994, Pages 55-76

This paper deals with some river erosions which are represented by the Hydrostatic and mechanical sculpture which effectively contributed in formation of river bends in Shatt al-Arab's channels. The research was based on method of laboratory scientific analysis especially conducted in the laboratories of the South Oil Company, B.P company as well as laboratories of Marine Science Center. It also based on the applied field study in addition to Arab and foreign scientific sources. Water samples were compared before and after passage of ships through Shat Al-Arab for the purpose of identifying the intensity and activity Hydrostatic sculpture on the banks. Then, the research analyzed the type of minerals present in Shatt al-Arab waters as suspended material where their numbers and sizes were calculated in a sample estimated at (7, 0) milliliters. The paper then identifies quality of those metals and their degree of hardness and impact in mechanical sculpting process. It turned out that sculptures contribute significantly to the formation of the bends of the Shatt al-Arab stream.