ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Maryam Khairullah Khalaf, Lect.Dr.

Problems of Foundation Design in the City of Qurna

Lect. Huda Khalid Shaeban; Lect.Dr. Maryam Khairullah Khalaf

Basra studies journal, Volume 24, Issue 1994, Pages 25-54

The design foundation is a framework prepared on time may reach in some cities to fifty years in order to accommodate the variables of space for the city and its community and region. The design is a plan to develop the city through achieving a set of goals which designed by the planners and approved by the relevant authorities, to become law binding implementation. The main purpose of forming the design is attempting to control the growth of the city, and trends in that growth as it accommodates the nature of social, economic and cultural changes. As well as some changes in land uses which may be expected to occur suddenly. The study dealt with the study of the basic designs for the city of Qurna, then it studied the most important pros and cons in these designs. The paper also examined a comparative study of land uses in the city between the first two designs 1982 and 1992. The research ended with conclusions and recommendations.