ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Sattar Jabbar, Researcher.Zainab

Civil Liability for Trade Leads Online to the Consumer

Asst. prof. Dr. Hussein Abdulkader Maaroof; Researcher.Zainab Sattar Jabbar

Basra studies journal, Volume 25, Issue 1994, Pages 51-163

This The patterns of business practices have changed tread on the evolution of communications and informatics. This is clearly reflected in the impact of the Internet on the way business transactions are conducted. They have relied on it and on computer-related technology in the framework of electronic commerce. The Internet has used to present products or services to achieve knowledge of the appropriate sales specifications to meet customer requirements.
And advertising turn to Internet to become one of the most popular and used methods. It is one of the most advanced means used by advertisers. It has become more popular and more reliable. It has introduced the specification and features of the exhibited articles and induce consumers to contract at the same time. The services of the network have been invested in websites, e-mail, And other services, and advertisers through the traders and companies to offer commercial goods and services and contact with customers in different countries of the world, and thus matching the available technology and what works previously.
but, the exploitation of the Internet in the framework of commercial advertising may result in damage to the consumer who contracted consequently on the advertising, and this is achieved in the case of the advertisements is lie or mislead, because the strength of the Internet in propagation and effect and the ability to access the consumer wherever He would and bush him to the contract and then find out that he was a victim of lying and misleading about the advertised product or service, and then the liability fruition. This would require determining who was responsible for compensating the damage and represent the the rules that govern responsibility where fruition cases and rule of fruition .