ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Qasim Hassan, Dr.

On the obsolete, strange proper names in South Iraqi Arabic

Dr. Qasim Hassan

Basra studies journal, Volume 26, Issue 1994, Pages 235-266

This paper investigates the naming conventions in the gilit dialects of southern Iraq. The paper will first of all shed light on some previous studies which dealt with proper names in this southern dialect area. Particular attention will be given to the viewpoints of Al-Samrra`i and Stefan Feld as they obviously attack the human dignity of the whole southern Iraqi population by tracing back the naming conventions to the backwardness and primitivism of the population in this region. I will show that most proper names in south Iraqi Arabic are deeply rooted in this region and they reflect the social and cultural environment of the indigenous population. The source material for this study comes from lists of more than 4000 student names of the college of Arts/University of Basra.
Keywords: Iraq, south Iraq, Iraqi dialects, naming, proper names, Arabic dialectology.