ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Ahmed Qassem Hamid, Asst.Lect.

The Narrative imaginary in City of Pictures - study in the Place

Asst.Lect. Ahmed Qassem Hamid

Basra studies journal, Volume 26, Issue 1994, Pages 175-196

It was a novel The City of Pictures by Louay Hamza Abbas which presented an important stage from the history of Basrah by narration an imaginary biography that presented personal events as well as other public through central spatial structures including Al-Maqal, Al-Maqal Airport, the Railway station, and Friday market.
The writer was elected those places from stages of childhood and youth, in particular, his narrative historical events and other imaginative artistical events by creating relationships between the place as a cultural and social icon and its psychological reality.